Self Care: A Night Out

There are many ideas of what self care is. Most examples come in the form of journaling, exercise, reading, face masks, etc. However what I’m about to suggest, is basically the opposite of what everyone thinks of.

Picture it. A teenager who spends every moment of free time doing something. Out with friends, parties, after school activities, and being miserable without plans on a Friday night. That was me, and me well into my twenties!

Fast forward to about the age of 26 and all of my “normal” fun activities had changed. My prioritizing friends became seeing them every so many weeks, or even months in some cases. And not having plans on a Friday? Well that became the ultimate goal. Everything I was, had changed to the complete opposite. But the thing is, this is normal. This is growing up.

This now brings me to my point. I made a choice this Friday to go out with a friend, see a local band, have a drink, and stay out until 2 am. When I left that night, I had every intention of being home no later than 11 pm like usual. But I saw a band I don’t normally listen to, with someone I don’t spend a lot of time with. We went out for drinks with some of the members of the band afterwards. I met new people, had new interesting conversations, and before I knew it it was way passed the hour I had planned to be home. I didn’t realize it until I was driving home, but I needed this. I needed to do something that I don’t do anymore, but used to love!

This simple night out was a version of self care for the woman who spends a lot of time either lounging around alone, or watching cartoons and playing board games with the family. Sometimes your version of self care may fall outside those usual categories of relaxing, or a great skin care routine. Sometimes it’s filling your cup with something different, exciting, or missing in your life.

So what kind of self care do you need lately?

Until next time,

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