Success is Up to You

“If you feel like there’s something out there that you’re supposed to be doing, if you have a passion for it, then stop wishing and just do it.” – Wanda Sykes

Do you ever get what feels like a great idea, and then immediately think, “I don’t have time”, or “I probably can’t do that”. It seems most people do. In fact I had previously debated starting this blog for years before actually doing it. But what is it about us that makes us feel we can’t accomplish certain things? Why is it that we hold ourselves back?

Likely most people are afraid they will fail, or that they don’t have what it takes to succeed.

I have always been the person that believes we create our happiness. That you have to put the work in to get the things you want out of life. I knew technically you could be/do whatever you want with your life as long as you never gave up. But you see the thing about me is, I give up. I have always been content to say “That was hard. I know what I need to do at least. I’ll come back to it when I feel ready.”

In a surprising turn of events, I never followed back up. So time after time I had started, and stopped doing something I wanted because it had become just a little too much work. And in case you want a list of all the things I really loved but didn’t follow through with for reference, here you go!

Opera Singing– I had a real talent for this, not to sound conceded. The plan out of college was to practice and really perfect my craft for a year, get into a top school, and pursue this. However I never followed up with preparing or even applying to a conservatory. I still love to sing, and miss it everyday, but my singing is now limited to the car and the shower.

Playing the piano– I took lessons for years. Loved being able to play music to support my singing, only I literally never practiced. I got called out for it ALL the time. Then when my piano teacher moved away, I took this as an opportunity to just quit.

Writing Music– I could be found writing music at any given moment. I had notebooks full of lyrics to be turned into songs. However, many of them never made it off the page.

Dancing– I had started dancing at the age of 3, and followed it through until I was 16. I took every major type of dance there is, often at 5-6 classes a week. But I never made it to my senior recitcal because I quit. To be fair I quit because I started getting very involved in singing. BUT I always dreamed of making it to the senior recital, being showcased as one of the graduating dancers. Looking back, I wish I had followed through.

School– I did get my bachelors, but let me tell you, I put little to no effort into it. I also had no idea what I really wanted to come out of it. So I went through the motions, got my degree by doing the bare minimum, and then had no idea what to do next.

So what is is that sets the successful people apart from all the rest? Their willingness to work hard, never give up, and believe in themself.

There are many people who have become incredibly successful. But these were the people who weren’t willing take “no” for an answer. They were the people working nights, weekends and holidays. These people have been told “No, that won’t work”, or “You’re going to fail”, but didn’t believe it. They may have even failed a few times! But they kept trying, learned from their mistakes, and improved.

Most importantly, these were the people who took the leap! They stopped making excuses and decided they could do it, that they would do it.

I mentioned earlier, I had thought about starting this blog for years. I had made a few attempts that failed quickly because I didn’t really put the effort that is required into it. The truth is I didn’t think I could actually succeed. I wasn’t willing to put the time in just to “fail”.

As someone who recently decided to put the effort in and go after what I want, I’m here to tell you that you can too. It won’t be easy, and you’re going to have to work hard.. But stop telling yourself that you can’t. We don’t want to look back and regret not taking chances that could lead to incredible things! Take the leap and go after what you really want. No more excuses!

Until next time,

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