Weekend Recap: Waking Up to Big Pun

I think it’s pretty clear that I spend a lot of time focusing on my needs, and well being. But this weekend in particular was largely focused on me, and lessening my stress. Long story short, I have a whole event series to kick off at work in the next 4 weeks, which alone could cause stress! But I’ve also been dedicating so much time to my social media platform that I think I made myself a bit mad. I had a few nights of serious anxiety and I decided I needed a SECOND.

After work on Friday I went to my favorite winery for a glass of wine and some tater tots with one of my best friends. I felt like I just needed some girl time! We had a good few hours unwinding with good wine, catching up on the week AND booking our girls trip to Barcelona. I’m so excited to have started the planning for this trip. It’s me and my two closest friends, celebrating the fact we are all turning 30 this year. More to come on this!

Saturday morning I woke up early to get to the gym. I had to force myself for sure this weekend, but I’m so glad I went. I mean who ever really regrets going to the gym… but still. Definitely had a great workout and started my day positively. I came home singing a song that was played in the gym, and before you know Scott’s got a retrospective of Big Pun’s career playing through the speakers.

Picture it. 9:30am. Pig Pun blasting through the speaker. Coffee brewing. Me dancing like a fool around the living room in my robe, and Scott nodding along to the beat. It was one of those unplanned pure moments of happiness. We went on to drink our coffee on the couch with only the lyrics of Big Pun playing in the background. And for reference, I don’t know much about hip hop music. Over the years Scott has educated me on rappers and popular songs of the 90’s/ early 2000’s. We have turned it into a game, and I always get super excited when I can actually name the artist playing.

From there I got myself out to my favorite coffee shop to work on my Valentine’s day post. Stay tuned! Had the MOST AMAZING latte, and a really great avocado toast. This is easily becoming a weekend routine for me. I spend too much time in the house on the weekends, and I think a few hours out in the coffee shop with my thoughts is perfect.

Latte was called Little Italy, and it basically tastes like a pignoli cookie. I’m obsessed.

Not too much to report on Sunday of course as I do really feel Sunday is the day of rest! Really tried to avoid social media for the day. I always feel that helps. We basically just slept late, did some snacking, and of course watched old episodes of Love Island. We are obsessed with that crazy show!

I really felt I just needed a mental break this weekend. To not focus on much, or put any pressures on myself. I don’t feel anxiety all the time, but when I do it feels so overwhelming. I’m thankful I can recognize the signs early on, and know when to make changes. I feel my mind is clearer today, and my body is far less tense than it’s been in the last few days 🙂

Until next time,

P.S I thought it might be fun to provide some insight into my life on a regular basis. I don’t lead a non stop, crazy life or anything, but I always love to find connections with bloggers I read. So let me know if you like these little recap type posts, and I’ll add it in to my week!

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