Weekend Recap: Quality Time

I don’t know if I have gotten this point across yet, BUT I do enjoy my alone time. Specifically posted up on the couch, under a blanket, with snacks and watching How I Met Your Mother. I love to be lazy, and I can do it for far too long. Part of the reason for this is that my work schedule doesn’t match up with Scott’s. He works on weekends, and I don’t. It’s SUPER easy for me to fall into complete laziness all day.

This weekend however was quite busy for once, and I enjoyed that too!

Saturday: Scott and I had a date night at one of our favorite restaurants Enotecca Maria. It’s this tiny restaurant on Staten Island that has guest chefs each weekend. The fun part is that the guest chef’s are grandmas from different parts of the world. HOW CUTE RIGHT?! So we went over the weekend because there was Brazilian grandma cooking, and we definitely wanted to try that. Food was delicious as always, though we didn’t get to try everything because we went for the last seating and things had run out by then. 😦 They did give us a cannoli on the house though, which I honestly thought was so sweet! AND I love cannolis so I will never turn that away!

Quality time spent with Scott is always my favorite! We certainly have to pencil time in for it with our schedules, but I think we do a great job of being intentional with our time together. I wouldn’t have it any other way, and I appreciate him for it!

Sunday: Well aware that it’s now February, but we celebrated the December holidays with Scott’s dad and family! Family gatherings with that side of Scott’s family always wind up as a day full of games, and yesterday was hysterical. We played games that had me sitting at the table with a plastic bag on my head, and Scott using words he made up in sentences. We played games that had us drawing the most INAPPROPRIATE things you could think of drawing with family, and laughing so hard we couldn’t breathe. We spent the whole day together, from morning until night. Eating, laughing and spending quality time with the little ones.

I think intentional time spent with anyone is so important. We may not see the whole family like that, but I think that fact that when we do its an all day affair, AND we actually spend time with each other, not on our phones, makes up for it!

You may think that simply being in the same room with someone, or at the same dinner table is enough. But it’s not! Make sure to really enjoy your time with the people you choose to hang out with. Put the phones/ tablets down, and learn something new about each other. Laugh together, grow together. You will better your relationship, and yourself by doing so!

So what did you do this weekend?

Until next time,

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