Having the Right Support System

When I decided to dive into the blogging world, naturally I shared my idea with Scott. The whole social media universe isn’t something he really understands or puts much thought into. I was a little hesitant and almost embarrassed to tell him about it. However, every time I asked for his opinion he gave it. And in many cases had great ideas!

Recently I sent him a text (after he liked yet another post on my brand new struggling instagram page) that said “Thank you for supporting my newest endeavor”. He simply said “Why wouldn’t I?”

And why wouldn’t he is right. Of course he supports my hopes and dreams! I just sometimes tend to think if he won’t fully understand something I want, then he won’t know how to support me, or care much to help.

The thing about Scott it, he ALWAYS surprises me. It’s one of the things I truly love about him. He is always there for me, and there isn’t much more I can ask for.

Now I’m not here to write a mushy why I love my person post, but to tell you how important it is to have a support system in life. We all need someone in our corner to cheer us on, support our endeavors and be there when things get difficult. Sometimes you may even just need a different perspective, someone to put you in your place, so to speak.

They always say, surround yourself with people who lift you up, not those who are going to weigh you down. As I’m getting older I have started to see how important this is for your wellbeing. As you start to make big life decisions you want people in your corner cheering you on, or helping you figure out what is best for you. You want the people who will say ” That’s a great idea! How can I help?!” or “I love this plan, but I think you need to change xyz to make it even better!”.

As humans we crave camaraderie, but sometimes we don’t choose the best friends people. We don’t always see the negativity someone can cause us right away. So I wanted to share two major signs someone may not have your best interest at heart.

Constantly Telling You Your Ideas Won’t Work

Think about how excited you get when you start a new endeavor, or finally make a move on a goal you have been dreaming about. If the first person you go to for support, or encouragement tells you your idea won’t work, or that it’s too difficult to accomplish, how are you going to feel? It tends to bring you down a notch, and you start to doubt if your idea is really that great. If this person is really important to you, think about what kind of harm their negative opinions could do to you. You could start to second guess your idea, drag your feet on this new project, or not follow through at all.

But if you think about it, shouldn’t the person you tell all your hopes and dreams to, want to see you succeed? If someone really cared about your wellbeing, they would support your grandiose plans. They may not agree with everything, but if they offer up constructive criticism, or some advice, they are still showing their support for you.

Not There For You in Times of Need

Part of having a support system is having people to rely on. You don’t need to have a ton of people backing you, just a few people you can really count on when you need them.

Let’s face it. Life can be rough. It can kick ya when your down, and it can really take a toll. We all want to be strong enough to handle things on our own, but sometimes we just aren’t. Having people support you sometimes means, literally supporting you. Having people willing to help you get out of a jam, listen to your problems for hours, or drop everything they are doing when you are having a meltdown is so important. If the most important people in your life, don’t make you the number one priority at times, it may be time to reconsider those relationships!

Of course not everything is going to be sunshine and roses, but overall you want your interactions with your close people to be positive and productive. You should feel energized and ready to tackle the days head, not doubting yourself and your goals! Try to find those people who are going to really be there for you, in good and bad times. Find people who are going to encourage your ideas and growth, not try to knock you down.

And if you don’t have the right support yet, its okay to distance yourself from those who are putting you down, or causing stress and anxiety. Feel empowered to take time for you, or even tell them that you aren’t feeling support or positivity. If you are important to them, they will find a way. Don’t waste your precious time on those who do not wish you the best in life!

Remember, you don’t need a lot of people, you just need the right people! Do you have a support system you can count on?

Until next time,

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