Weekend Recap: Jersey Girl Vibes

It seems my weekends have two repeatable themes. Do nothing but sit on the couch all day and night, or find myself at a concert. This weekend I managed to do both pretty flawlessly.

Saturday morning was ME time. Particularly in the self care fashion. I did my extensive facial care routine, lounged around in my robe, and listened to music with my coffee. This has become a weekend routine, and I absolutely feel everyone should put a version of this into practice!

I then proceeded to meet a friend for coffee and some blogging advice. When she’s up and running, I will absolutely share her info! 🙂

My night however was the highlight. Honestly, I was really debating if I actually wanted to go out. Scott’s aunt and cousin have nothing but rave reviews for this band, but part of me really just wanted to sit in, maybe watch some fights, and cuddle up with Scott. BUT I talked myself into going because I love new music, and we know I’m working on saying yes to things I once loved!

The show was at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park. I like to think everyone knows about the Stone Pony, but it may just be a Jersey thing. (Though I know my rock n roll fans out there know it well!) But anyway, if you don’t know, it’s a legendary venue on the Jersey Shore home to the artists like Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. It’s located right on the boardwalk in Asbury Park, and it’s been there since 1973. I have seen countless bands perform here, and I have even taken the stage a few times!

So as I mentioned earlier I met up with Scott’s aunt and cousin, who when attending any concert prefer to be right at the front of the action. This is not quite my style, but I worked my way up to meet them. They introduced me to all their friends who very quickly welcomed me into the gang! The music was great, we danced all night, and had a ton of laughs. I walked away from this night with a new artist to listen to, and really happy I decided to go out!

Which leads me to Sunday! At this point in my life, staying out past 12am requires recovery the next day, drinks or no drinks. So I woke up early with Scott like I normally do, but proceeded to go right back to sleep until about 11:30 once he left. From there it was simply a move from the bed to the couch kind of day. I watched my favorite show, and we finished off the day with some Chinese food on the couch together.

I love days like this! I love the coziness of the couch, my big blankets and being alone able to just exist. I always feel like this is the best way to prepare for the week ahead.

So what were your weekend plans? Anything new and exciting, or are you a couch potato like me?

Until next time,

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