Weekend Recap: Exceeds Expectations

So this is going to be more of a recap of my week, than a weekend recap. I just feel this needed a follow up!

Remember weeks ago when I made a whole post on how I’m an exceeds expectations kind of girl, and that it’s okay to not want to go above and beyond at your job? Well a funny thing happened to me this week. I had my end of year review, and exceeded expectations, in multiple areas!

Is it a surprise to you? Because it was truly a surprise to me. But that’s the funny thing about life. Sometime you just don’t see the things the way other people do. Maybe that’s why my company handles these reviews the way that they do! Either way, this was a surprising turn of events that renewed some of my energy towards my job.

I’ll give a little insight into my review for those who may be curious! I rated myself across the board as “meets expectations”. This meant that all my objectives for the year were “met”, and all of are core competencies were met in my eyes. In the last year I couldn’t really pinpoint a moment, or period of time that I went above in beyond in my position. And if we are being really honest I sometimes feel like I take a lot of liberties when it comes to a day at work.

My manager had a different view of the year. To her the work I had done on my event series was above and beyond. That the restructuring of the agenda, and more efficient ways of reporting were all signs of someone going the extra mile. She also had me exceeding expectations in customer commitment, and being transparent. My most favorite area of exceeding was in adapting. To me, every time I had to come to her this year with an issue an event faced was a ding in the “things are going wrong under Dana’s watch” column. To her, the way I handled things by approaching with options to find an immediate fix was exceeding because she never actually had to step in and help.

My take away from this review, and whole year is that maybe I am just too hard on myself. Or that I see things I’ve done as just part of the job versus “extra”. It’s amazing how a different perspective can change your view on something. I walked away from this review thinking “I can do this! I do a great job at work, and I have made a lot of improvements to the events I run”. I was too busy focusing on the things that happened that maybe were less than ideal!

I want to be clear that I still feel my original post about not loving your job, or identifying yourself with your career is still completely valid. I still stand behind it, and feel that way. I just found it so interesting to see how that’s not how I actually come across. Leaves me really questioning what I can accomplish if I put in the effort that I seem to think is necessary.

Watch out, I’ve got plans to get promoted come mid year! :p

Until next time,

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