How I Practice Self Care

The practice of self care has really taken off lately, and it’s no secret that I’m a big believer in it! I think it’s really important to put a focus on yourself regularly. We live in a society that almost praises those who wear themselves out. It’s almost like a competition of misery sometimes.

“I worked from 7am-9pm everyday this week, AND had to work on Saturday”. Sound familiar? We shouldn’t be bragging about that! We should be bragging about the moments spent living our lives, for ourselves!

I know I have talked about some of the things I do for myself, but I feel now more than ever we need to focus on ourselves. So I thought I would talk about some of my favorite activities for self care, and how often I do them!

Social Media Break

Now more than ever I am on social media consistently through the day. As the week goes on I can start to feel my anxiety level increase while on social media. I have always known it to affect me, and I often take month long cleanses from it. However, with trying to build up my blog, I obviously need to be active on my social media platforms. I wanted to make sure I had some balance, and wasn’t causing myself unnecessary stress so I deemed Sundays to be a social media free day! Even just the one day helps a great deal! It’s like a reset on my mental wellness each week.

Saturday Routine

My Saturday routine is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It’s also becoming more involved each week, and spans from the morning into late afternoon! I start each Saturday by going to the gym. Once class is over I head home for a nice big cup of coffee and some post workout recovery movement. From here I move onto a long hot shower. The kind of shower that all girls love to have, but just don’t have the time for. The extensive routine with the shaving, extra exfoliants, all the best products, and the ability to just hang in there and enjoy the warmth!

Next comes all the after shower care. This is where I tackle derma-planing, that is followed up with toner, brightening serum, under eye moisturizer, my favorite hyaluronic acid moisturizer, and rose water. I will lounge around in my robe, hair in a towel, and enjoy this time to myself.

After I’ve thourhoughly pampered myself, I head out to my favorite coffee shop for a drink, and a delicious avocado toast.

The Gym

Not only is going to the gym good for the body, it’s also good for the brain. It’s a place to release stress and let go of any consuming thoughts. My focus is elsewhere, even if it’s just for an hour. On top of that, there is a social aspect to it. My gym in particular is boot camp style. So the people there all see each other everyday, and often have the opportunity to be partners for the workouts. This causes the gym to have a sense of community, and it’s easy to make friends!

My goal each week, is to make it into at least 4 classes. I always go before work so that it’s out of the way, and I start my day with something good for me!


A good book is one of my favorite things to do for myself. I LOVE to cuddle up on the couch with my big blanket, a candle and a great book. This is another example of something that will take your mind off things. Books can be a great escape, as well as calming. I love to start my day by getting up early to read. (Of course this is on mornings I don’t go to the gym.) It’s a nice calming way to wake up, instead of frantically running around to get out the door. I also like to end my night this way if I can. Depending on how tired I am, it doesn’t always happen, but I do try!

I have found reading at night sometimes is a necessity though. If I am feeling particularly anxious, I will immediately reach for a book. A half hour of reading will set me down the right path, and make it easier to fall asleep!

Driving to Nowhere

Every now and then I just love a good drive with no destination in mind. Ideally on a nice sunny day, that offers me the option to roll those windows down! I love blasting music, singing along, and enjoying the moment. Something about this activity fills me with such joy!

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