Biggest Surprises I’ve Learned as an Adult

Have you ever thought back to some of the ridiculous thoughts you had as a kid, about what you thought your adult life would look like? I remember thinking I was going to drive a convertible and be a lawyer making so much money I didn’t know what to do with it.

I know, good one right?

It’s funny how much you just don’t understand as a kid, or even as a young adult.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the things that I found to be shocking once I was out on my own. Things you just didn’t put any thought into when you thought you knew everything!

  1. Spices don’t come with the house– Man did I have an endless supply of everyday spices in my mom’s cabinet. It never even dawned on me that you have to buy them all. That you accumulate them over time, and recipes, BUT also need to purchase the standard ones pretty much immediately. Oh and also, they are about $4 a spice. HAVE FUN.
  2. Fruits and vegetables go bad WAYYY too quickly– Did you have a busy week with no time to cook a fresh meal with a fresh veggie? That sucks. They are bad now, and you have wasted your money. I mean I don’t necessarily MIND when a zucchini gets lost in the madness. But let’s say I splurge and get the asparagus… OOooo I’m mad now if that goes bad!
  3. Laundry isn’t difficult like I thought. It just NEVER ENDS– I never did laundry growing up. I was one of the lucky spoiled ones. But whenever I was asked, I just couldn’t pull it together to help. It seemed difficult. Well, difficulty isn’t the issue. The issue stems from the fact that it’s three steps, and needs to be done ALL THE TIME. And even after it’s technically done, you’re not. You have to fold, hang/ put it where it belongs. It’s a never ending task!
  4. The same goes for dishes! Except that I cannot leave the sink messy for too long. CAN’T DO IT– My mother used to BATTLE me to get me to do the dishes when I was growing up. I always told her, “When I move out, I’ll wait as long as I want to do them. I don’t mind them sitting in the sink for days!!” Well that was a lie. I need them out of the sink or I’m not going to bed.
  5. I cannot explain, nor comprehend the joy I feel when furnishing a room in my house– It’s become a pastime. I love to see a room come together the way I imagined it. It’s what makes your house a home. Not much more I can say!
  6. Cooking dinner after work is actually super annoying. Not cute and housewife-y– I definitely thought that I would be one of those people who came home from work, made dinner even if it was just for myself, and cleaned up right after. I thought I would spend time coming up with new recipes to try, never repeating a recipe too much. Turns out, I’m an eat a whole box of kraft mac and cheese at least once a week kind of adult.
  7. How much your parents actually did for you, regardless of how you treated them– This is an important one. Once I truly realized what my parents sacrificed, and did for my all these years, I went home and thanked them. As a kid you don’t understand. You think you deserve everything, and shouldn’t have to do anything to support anyone else. The fact that your parents are people beyond parents isn’t comprehendible until the tables turn. My dad would always give up the tastiest thing on his plate if I expressed that I liked it, AFTER eating all mine. This sticks out to me because even now I can’t imagine doing something so simple for anyone. But he did every time, and he genuinely just wanted me to be happy.
  8. One day you wake up and things DO randomly start to hurt– At least for me, this one is painfully true. I have always been an active person, but as I’ve gotten older its become more difficult. I have bad knees that honestly appeared overnight. And that’s a constant pain. Let’s not forget about the random pains that you get from sleeping too hard, or moving the wrong way. Yeah…moving the wrong way…
  9. Just living is expensive! – Forget having “nice” things, or extra things. The things you need to simply exist in the world are more expensive than I really had an understanding of. Mortgage/ rent, groceries, utility bills, car payment, gas, cell phone service, student loans, cleaning supplies, furniture, etc. I know I don’t need to tell you! But those first numbers you estimate to convince yourself you’re ready to live on your own, are way. off. base.
  10. ALL adults are figuring it out as they go– You don’t reach a certain age and suddenly everything makes sense, and you have all the answers. Though I really wish that was true! You just realize that you don’t have it together, you won’t ever REALLY have it together, you’ll always be figuring it out. And this is the same for everyone. Some are just better at hiding it than others 😉

I wanted to keep it light this week with all the constant talk about Covid-19! I also think I might be into making lists right now. Next week I’ll get back to a normal schedule.

Anyway,I hope this silly post broke up your day a bit! Let me know some things you found to be shocking once you were on your own. I would love to hear!

Stay safe out there!

Until next time,

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