How Yoga has Helped Me During the Pandemic

First I would like to start by asking, how are you? I know this experience is different for everyone, but I am genuinely interested to know how you are holding up?

As I mentioned last week, it’s been a struggle for me. Ups and downs for sure! But I am really trying to focus on myself during this time. One of the things that is really getting me through is being active, and continuing to workout despite the limitations. I do really miss going to the gym, seeing my friends there, and being able to continually push myself to get stronger. But thankfully my gym has been sending at home workouts quite regularly, so I have had some intense workouts considering the circumstances.

Before all of this happened I had been debating trying out yoga. I had tried it in the past on one of those p90x videos back in the day, but really didn’t like it. However I feel that my regular workouts need to be countered with something a little less intense, AND it has been like 8 years since I tried it. I figured my opinion could have changed in all that time, and there’s no excuse to not try something like this while being stuck in the house. To my great surprise, I can officially say I like yoga. In fact, yoga is helping both physically and mentally during this difficult time.

In the past, I found the breathing and stretching to cause me too much commotion in my head. Which I know is not the point AT ALL. But I would find my thoughts moving a mile a minute, so I couldn’t focus. But now this is what’s calming me. The attention to my breathing during my yoga practice is the best thing I could have ever found. It causes me to slow down, only hear my breathing, and block out all of the chaos my brain wants to throw at me. I also find that the time FLIES by. Presumably because I am so focused on my practice. It’s actually amazing.

As for the physical portion of this, it is difficult. I am not nearly as flexible as I once was, and there is some real strength involved here. But at this point in my fitness journey, I love to push myself. I no longer shy away at the thought of not being able to do something. So yeah, yoga is hard. But I’m going to figure it out, and master it.

I also feel that the stretching is doing my body some good! Like I mentioned, my normal workouts are intense. We warm up, and I definitely stretch before hand. But there are days where my body absolutely needs some deep stretching, and more deliberate movement. So I have been doing yoga every other day to counter my workouts. Though it can be painful, I do find that it’s getting easier and my muscles are thanking me.

Overall yoga is making me feel amazing. Honestly, I’m so shocked. But when I finish a flow, I feel so calm and at ease. This is exactly what I need right now.

The reality is, I’m in the right head space for this kind of activity right now. But the truth is, this isn’t the only time I experience anxiety. In fact, this has made me realize this is something I need to keep apart of my life, quarantine, or no quarantine. I have a new found appreciation for the slower side of the fitness world. I am glad I took this opportunity to try something I didn’t think I would ever like!

What have you been doing to keep yourself grounded? Is yoga apart of your daily life? Let me know if you have any instructor suggestions to try out! Open to learning as much as I can right now 🙂

Until next time,

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