We Got a Dog!

So, I actually have a life update other than, “things are difficult right now.” It’s a little bit of joy in the midst of a lot of negativity!

I don’t know if I have made this clear at any point, but I am a dog person. The kind of dog person who cries at the cuteness of a dog. Cries knowing there are dogs who need homes and don’t have families. The kind of dog person who honestly has thought about how to adopt all the dogs. I love meeting new dogs, and always want to have one or three 😉 in my life.

The best dog in the world lives with my parents, and I lived with him for 12 years before moving out. He is an absolute angel baby. When I moved in with Scott he had black a cat name Melky. The personality on this cat was unmatched. He was a funny guy, but also the worlds largest jerk. My favorite trait of his had to be the way he ate. He would pick up the food out of his bowl, carry it into the carpeted hallway, drop it, pick through it, and leave the rest laying there. As you can imagine we had a CONSTANT supply of cat food all over the house. It drove me nuts!

But then, when he stopped eating, and I didn’t have to vacuum 2-3 times a day, I started to miss it. We knew this signaled the end of the road for our little Melk. He had a long life of 13 years causing chaos, and cuddling at his leisure; but his heart gave out and we lost him. It was devastating. I had never felt the loss of a pet before. I missed his presence, and couldn’t stop calling out for him like he was there.

At this point I had been working from home for a few weeks and I really felt the loss. I casually started looking at adoptable dogs. We found one we liked, and decided to put an application in. Honestly we figured it would take a few weeks, and we may not have even been selected. We listed a family friend as a reference for the application, because it just so happen to be she fosters many through this organization. We just didn’t know HOW involved she was. She immediately called us and let us know we could adopt him if we wanted. Literally 10 minutes after submitting the application. It went from casually hopeful about adopting a dog in the future, to adopting this dog in two days. But we made the decision, and took him home that weekend!

So here he is, Max, our 8 month old Australian Cattle Dog/ Blue Heeler!

He’s the sweetest little boy, but also a lunatic! He really wants to meet every person he sees, so social distancing has been hard for this one. He loves to destroy he toys, and run around the house. He is also SUPER smart. He’s learned so many tricks in the week and half we have had him. But most importantly, he is already so attached to us and loving. I can’t wait to have him trained up, and ready to hit the world to make all the friends!

Honestly, I did feel quite guilty getting a dog so quickly after the passing of our cat. I know there is no right or wrong way to do it, but it did happen much faster than I anticipated. I am still finding that I feel quite sad over the loss of Melky. He was such a personality in our house, that it’s difficult to not feel a gap. He will not soon be forgotten. We loved that little asshole. ❤

So that’s it. Our lives have changed drastically and quickly, but definitely for the better. I love that little guy SO much already.

Tell me about your pets. Are you a dog or a cat person? What kind of dog do you have? I’d love to hear any story about you dog!

Until next time,

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