Why I “Took a Break” From Social Media

It’s no secret that I believe in taking a social media break one day a week, but I found myself unintentionally taking a break for about two months.

If you pay attention to my blog or Instagram AT ALL, you realized I have been pretty absent. I felt like I had to explain myself a bit, rather than come right back to it like nothing happened! Truth be told, I have barely been getting by. It has been a ROUGH 5 months.

Obviously nobody has had a particularly easy time during this pandemic. But I have experienced many, and all variations of loss. After a while it just kind of beats ya down. I tried to keep myself afloat, but it just felt like one thing after another, and eventually I was just rolling from the bed to the couch every day.

The thought of creating content was daunting. I knew I couldn’t do it, and I knew it would be severely lacking if I tried. On top of that, I was struggling to communicate with friends and family in every day life, let alone interact with people I don’t know on the internet. I just couldn’t find the reason to try.

However the most important factor was feeling like nothing I would say would be authentic. How can I use my platform to discuss ways to pick yourself, up when I was doing nothing of the sort? How could I tell someone things will all work out in the end, when I felt like nothing was ever going to improve? My whole reason for doing this was to show people how I improve my life, and take matters into my own hands, but I was lucky to be getting out of bed some days.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH at this point. Things are improving and I am feeling better lately. That’s not to say it isn’t still a struggle. This pandemic is HARD. And I still stand by it being alright to not be okay living in this. It’s just isn’t alright to let it defeat you. I let that happen, and I’m putting my foot down!

Now I don’t want to promise anything, like “I’ll totally get back to my normal schedule!” That would be my goal. However I am realistic, and recognize that may not happen right away. So for now I will say that I am going to do my best to keep things going as normal. But be gentle with me please!

I hope everyone is staying healthy, sane and safe during this time. Take care of yourselves more than usual. ❤

Until next time,

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