Who’s Behind the Blog

Hi there! My name is Dana, the woman behind the blog. I am a full time corporate event planner by necessity, but a soul searching optimist working towards constant self improvement by choice. I have wasted too many days blaming my circumstances, or others for where I am in life; and I have had enough. The only way to get where I want to be, is to make a change that no one but me can do. So here I am to share my ever changing journey to find out who I want to be!

We all believe we are supposed to have it “figured out” by a certain point in life. I’m here to reassure you that you are not alone if you haven’t “figured it out” yet, and let you know that no one really has. My hope is to provide ways to finding the best you, you can be, while honestly sharing my thoughts and experiences in my own journey.

So who am I really?

To briefly summarize, I am that loudmouth over there that’s making a fool of herself and doesn’t care. I’ve always been told I’m yelling when I’m not. And I’ve been the friend you have to apologize for her behavior after introducing. I like to think I’m always unapologetically, myself.

You will often find me watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother. I’m pretty positive it’s my favorite show. But when I’m not a lazy bum I enjoy hanging out with my friends, finding all the best food I can, or sitting at my vanity playing with new make up looks. I’m a make up junkie, and always excited for a night out to try something dramatic. But once I’m out, I’ll always want to come home to my sweat pants and bare face.

Though it may sound as though I’m very inactive, I actually really love the gym. You will catch me rolling out of bed while it’s still dark to head to any kind of intense work out. Currently it’s boot camp style classes, but I’ve also been seen throwing punches and getting scrappy in the boxing ring. I will try just about any kind of workout if it’s going to push me to my limits.

Last, I have an amazing boyfriend of 5 years. No one makes me happier, and there’s no place I would rather be when we are together. I travel quite often, and we have different schedules, but we have gotten really good at prioritizing the time we do have together. I’m thankful everyday for the man that I have as my partner. He’s also made me a stepmom to the sweetest most thoughtful little boy. I’ve never felt I wanted any children, but I am so glad to be apart of his life, and help him as he grows up!

Hope this gives a little insight into who I am! If you are interested in getting to know me a bit more you can also find me on Instagram or Pinterest!

Work through the doubt with me.

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